The Five Things You Should Try Before Calling For Sub-Zero Service : A Checklist!

The purpose of this article is to help identify possible problems with your machine prior to calling for service. Sometimes, a Sub-Zero can be fixed with no assistance from a qualified technician. We all love to save time and money, so hopefully these five simple steps will help!

Step One: Identify Your Model Number

Although this won’t fix your machine, it is important to know your model number in order to follow the next four steps. The model number will help to identify where the different mechanical components are located in the machine, and will help you to service it properly.

Step Two: Symptoms and Error Codes


There are often common symptoms for an unhealthy Sub-Zero. Often times they will run more than normal, which usually indicates an underlying issue. Sometimes the unit will leak water, overproduce moisture, or create mold. Ice or frost-ups are common, and have multiple causes related to gas leaks, defrost issues, or thermostatic faults. Another common symptom is overheating around the frame of the unit.

Error Codes

In 1998 Sub-Zero began using error codes and service indicators in their digital units. At first these error codes were very primitive. I’m sure a lot of you with early 600 series units have seen a “vacuum condenser” or “service” light. Many units will begin to flash error codes along side these error messages. Newer units are much more accurate in their ability to identify possible issues with your Sub-Zero unit. Use our error code guide to help isolate your issue.


Step Three: Condenser Cleaning

Condenser cleanings are a fast and effective way to maintain your Sub-Zero. The condenser allows air flow into the mechanical shelf in order to cool down the compressor, and prevent overheating. Condensers should be vacuumed annually to remove dust build up and allow air to flow freely over the mechanical components. For detailed information on condenser cleanings click the link in the heading above.

Step Four: Routine Systems Check

A Sub-Zero has certain system components which should be checked to ensure that the machine is running correctly. Your machine is composed of a few important components. In order for your machine to run properly the compressor must be running, fans should be spinning, and your lights should be operating as designed. Each of these components can be individually tested by performing a routine systems check. Your door gaskets should be intact and seal firmly. Your digital display panels buttons should respond as normal. Your Ice Maker should make consistent cubes that do not stick together.



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