Identifying Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator’s Model Number

Refrigerator on top with one pull out freezer drawer on the bottom (top over bottom)

The sticker will be located in the refrigerator, on the frame by tSome common model numbers with this configuration: 550 – 511 – 611 – 650 – bi-36 -bi-30

Refrigerator on top with two pull out freezer drawer on the bottom (top over bottom)

700 Series Model Number- On the interior of your Sub-Zero unit there will be a Sticker which displays the Model number. Once you have identified the model number you will be able to accurately navigate your Sub-Zero by following our guides. The model sticker will look like the photo posted to the right.

Common Model Numbers:

500 Series :511 532 542 550 561 501R 501 F

600 Series; 611 632 642 650 661 601R 601F

Bi Series- Bi-30 Bi-36 Bi-42 Bi-48

700 Series- Open the “Middle Drawer (usually the top freezer drawer)” and look on the left side above tracks. We often slide a smart phone in and take a picture as it is difficult to read bending down. The 700 series was created in 1997 and is usually found in apartments and tighter spaces, although we see plenty of them in suburban settings. The mechanicals are always located underneath the bottom drawer and sit near the floor.

Common 700 Series Model Numbers: 700TC 700TF 700TR 736 TC 736 TCI

Under the Counter Units- Similar to the 700 series, the model number can be found by opening the top drawer and looking on the left by the hinge. The mechanicals are located on the floor.

Wine Coolers- Most wine coolers say their model number on their display panel, however the model number tag is usually located underneath the partition between the two zones

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