The Sub-Zero Ice Maker Guide

Ice makers are complicated. Water, electricity, plumbing, freezing cold temperatures. Ice makers are a pain in the ass. Not a problem, lets try to diagnose it for fun. However, I am probably going to recommend replacing the entire thing anyway. I once took a chance on a solenoid valve on Madison avenue, it cost a … Read more

Sub-Zero Error Codes & Solutions

The Very First Error Code “Vacuum Condenser” In 1996, I was six years old. Somewhere in America a team of engineers sat down and discussed a new product that would be released in the coming years. A motherboard driven refrigerator that had basic intelligence and would convert a number of previously mechanical functions into electrical … Read more

Routine Systems Check

Quick Systems Check for Sub-Zero Fridges Difficulty: Medium to Hard We will go over how to test out very basic functions on your Sub-Zero fridge. This will not give us a concrete idea of what is wrong with the machine but rather isolate issues and give us framework to work within to figure out the … Read more

Sub-Zero Toolbox

There are a variety of tools which will help you properly navigate, diagnose, and repair your Sub-Zero unit. Impact drill Milwaukee Bit Set Large Flat Head Screw Driver Quarter Inch Nut Driver Wire Strippers with Nuts 3m tape Female Terminals Vacuum Cleaner with hose extension Wire brush Contact voltage tester Dust Masks Flashlight Advanced: Set … Read more

Performing Routine Maintenance on Your Sub-Zero Condenser

In Depth: Sub-Zero Condenser Cleaning & Maintenance   In order to perform maintenance on your Sub-Zero you must first locate the condenser. The condenser accumulates dust and must be vacuumed and cleaned yearly. The condenser will be on the mechanical shelf, which is located either above or below the unit. All mechanical shelves will be … Read more

Identifying Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator’s Model Number

Refrigerator on top with one pull out freezer drawer on the bottom (top over bottom) can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Where to find your sub-zero model number on a 500 & 600 & BI series top over bottom unit ( The sticker will be located in the refrigerator, on the frame by … Read more